About Me

Hi, and welcome to my website!!  I’m Miriam an avid photographer and cake decorator.

I live in a small rural town in New Zealand with my husband Greg, our two kids Mason and Emerson, along with Luna our Japanese Spitz and two cats - Ambrose and Stella.

My biggest joy is capturing my kids as they grow up.  I love to capture the good and the bad, so we can all look back in the years to come and bring back those memories.

Cake decorating and baking is my other passion, which started when my daughter turned one.  I enjoy making cakes for family and friends, and when I haven’t got my camera in my hand, you’ll find me on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my next cake.


My Photography Journey

It was back in High School when my love for photography started, when we had to process our own photos in a dark room.  These were the SLR days where I didn’t know what the word digital meant, there was no Photoshop or Lightroom, and my camera didn’t even have auto focus!!

After High School I fell in and out of love with photography, and back in 2012 I started a P52 which brought my love of photography back to me.  I have since moved on from my Canon DSLR, and now shoot mirrorless with my Fuji XPro2 and XE-2.


I am honored to be a member of the Fuji X Crew, check out our website where we all post our favourite images for Fuji Friday.




Miriam Hancock